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Fragments from Modern Language Notes (the german issue) 1993
Literary sexualities
by Laurence Rickels:

What also fits in here is the synchronization of the onset of his homosexuality with the concluding year of the lost war. In 1918 the war bond between natural people spilled over into homosexual excess. First comes a depletion of outwardly directed heterosexual libido, then comes the upsurge (back in the barracks or inside oneself) of the basic need for self esteem.
The drunken one night stand belongs to a demonization of the home fron as the homo front, where libidinal depletion or excess no longer toed the line of the war effort. The “knife in the back” view of how the German soldiers lost the war is too hot to handle. But it’s a demonization that’s so far away (like all projection) but also (this time around) so close: homosexuality is a contagious disease that can strike down millions of all-natural men and thus deplete the future reserve or resource of the generations coming soon. (A regular feature of war-neurosis symptomatology was impotence, Ferenczi reminded those who in 1918 still resisted the psychoanalytic view of every neurosis’s sexual etiology.)


Fritz Mohr lifted the bio-blinders that obscured clearer view of a stronger homo-sexology trigger: psychic determination (amongst other things, such as the relation between coming out and alcohol consumption).
Rickels describes how one of Mohr's case studies ‘kept on getting caught being come on to by boys who got younger as the years went by’, down this road surely, lies pedophilia, given enough libertinitis.

"The couple that the group cannot admit or leave alone is at the same time the group’s reproductive agency, its future. That’s why homosexuals are always the mascots and trend setters of group psychologization: and that’s why they are the suicidal and sacrificial stars of mass (both communionist and consumerist) societiy. the’re the way to go and they’ve got to go. But that’s also why, in heterosexist culture, going straight has to come with a free gift of homo-bonding (via the woman among us) which, even though never completely consumated, is way more constant than what comes the way of gays. That’s also why lesbians aren’t a threat. All women get attributed to them a confusion or lack of direction of desires that’s the static on the transmission going through them. It’s like: what don’t they want (and who really cares anyway). But that’s also why by now, in our state of heterosexual preparedness, women (straight or whatever) can make their careers theorizing, that is, fantasizing about male bonding. Look at Leni .. .. .
Before the Roehm assasination, very few cases of homosexuality came up in the Hitler Youth, but afterwards they became shockingly frequent. The reprimand index (Warnkarten) of the Hitler Jugend .. .shows that between 34 and 39 about 25% of the 4.800 youths expelled from the movement were expelled for homosexuality, in addition to those expelled for ‘moral offenses’, some of which were basically homosexual; mutual masturbation penalty: 2.5 years inprisonment. (from “homosexuals in nazi germany”, p. 234)

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over on indexterity I just posted some shake outs regarding a lefty with an eye for the other side (not that he bridges the gap all that well, perhaps why he conjures exasperation with his rapid fire urlammo . . .but so do I); you'll there see some comments by my new favorite (though I'm still not convinced he is not also (besides myriads others) pj (though both deny so far); here's a few more:

http://examinedlife.type... less incensed comments by the manymonikered man

a good half an hour's worth of noposts is enough to make him turn on himself: Does this Tatler, claiming three years tenure at his own scribble, deign to generously and graciously measure out, in the fullness of day risen on the limb of the world, as Helios ascends this dawn, the scant half-dram of wit he yet conserves?

Methinks it is not wit he pours for our delighted sipping, but another liquor, fermented most foul in serpentine passages behind a most useless navel.

Posted by: A New York City High School Math Teacher April 19, 2006 at 10:28 AM

http://www.long-sunday.net/..n_again.htmlpretty sure he is 'prospero' too since he calls jesus a poet maudit too.

highclearing.com..0/4949 (pretty blog, one out of 185 search results, link coming up)

kotsko erased all 50 of yesterday's comments, some preserved at indexterity; I go (anew): what haphere? I messed up before (using the 'constant' in the equation).

I'll make up: google.com/custom?..itesearch= troll of sorrow" 185 hits

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OBL wants ban-lieueurs to move to sudan.

Yusra Jamousin ur blood http://inurblood.blogspot.com/

Zajel Youth Exchange Program http://www.zajel.org/

Records middle eastern violence

washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/2 ..
Hamas Distances Itself From Bin Laden
Washington Post, United States - 15 hours agoBy IBRAHIM BARZAK. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The Islamic militant group Hamas distanced itself Sunday from purported
comments by Osama ...

aljazeera.net Hamas distances itself from Bin LadenAljazeera.net, Qatar - 17 hours agoHamas has spoken out to distance itself from al-Qaeda following a statement from Osama bin Laden condemning the West for its boycott of the new Palestinian ...

Bin Laden: Freeze on Hamas funds proves war against IslamHa'aretz, Israel - 21 hours agoBy The Associated Press. CAIRO, Egypt - In his first new
message in three months, Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden said
the West's ...

Hamas: Bin Laden Speaks for HimselfPalestine Chronicle, WA - 7 hours ago'What Osama bin Laden said is his opinion, but Hamas has its own positions which are different to the ones expressed by Bin Laden.'. ...

... the whole spiel transcripted (and -lated).


A Little Light Verse
by William Irwin Thompson

While cherubic Rove uses dirty tricks to smear
two war heroes' threat to Bush's State of Fear,
the media with Muslim terror and Christian dread
report the ways the world is half-past dead.
NBC had a special on the cracking West Coast,
while ABC's Revelation showed we're toast.
The Discovery Channel featured Nostradamus,
Roswell , and the Mayan Endtime upon us.
National Geographic showed Yellowstone
sacking Americans in their own endzone
with volcanic ash in unending winter night
covering global crops in pumiced blight.
The End of the World will be broadcast soon,
but unlike the kook in The New Yorker cartoon,
costumed in sandals, robe, and carrying a sign
as he shouts down Darwin with Creationist design,
these Media Moguls need not preach in church
or stand on a Hyde Park soapbox perch;
we now can get Murdoch's bad Good News,
cabled in rapture on our couch-potato pews.
The Need for a Tricameral Legislature
Our eighteenth century constitution was conceived by rural aristocratic landowners and slave holders who feared popular democracy as the rule of the urban mob, but it was also
midwived by urban Federalists who wished to bring forth a modern nation-state. The machinery of the state with its checks and balances was an eighteenth-century steam engine
fueled by the people but held on course by a governor. A bicameral legislature was that century's vision of balance between passion and reflection--between a lower house of pushy
and uncouth merchants and an upper house of men of property and culture.


Journal of Consciousness Studies:
http://www.imprint.co.uk/pdf/WI_Thompson.pdf (Vol.10, No.4-5)
The borg or Borges -- short

http://www.imprint.co.uk/pdf/afterlife.pdf The Evolution of
the Afterlife (Vol.9, No.8) -- long

Speculations on the City and the Evolution of Consciousness
(Volume 7, No.7) -- medium

2 - the last fourth: Rage on, Ezra, but it’s not usura, you old modernist fake fascist bastard;and it’s not the Jews, Mr. Eliot—though I would certainly indict Sharon.Reactionary feudal William Yeatsis truer to the lie of final time,and it’s that proud antithetical gyrethat is now probably screwing us all.Or could it also be Wallace Stevens’necessary angel of our ashen earth--the tragic angel of a new Dark Age.Between the ancient and the classical came the archaic Aegean Dark Age.Between the classical and medievalarose the Eurasian Gothic Dark Age.Now between the global and the Gaian comes the Dark Age of dying religion.Whatever it is we spend on Klieglights,American movies are played in the dark.

The Cultural Phenomenology of Literatureby William Irwin ThompsonTaken from: Light Onwords / Light OnwardsLiving Literacies Text of the November 14-16, 2002 Conference -- 19 pages

http://www.biroco.com/yijing/links.htm comprehensive set of
I-Ching related links (no Arguelles though); fascinating
reportage like: The Watkins Objection – Matthew Watkins is a
British mathematician who wrote an objection to Terence
McKenna's theory of 'Time Wave', a convoluted theory of
cyclical history based on a fractal generated from the King
Wen sequence of hexagrams. McKenna had the idea on a
psilocybin mushroom trip, see 'The Invisible Landscape: Mind,
Hallucinogens, and the I Ching' by Terence and Dennis McKenna.
Terence McKenna came to agree with the objection made by
Watkins. Email addresses are given for both McKenna and
Watkins, but this webpage was last updated in 1996 and McKenna
is dead now and the last I heard of Watkins he was wandering
around Ireland with a donkey and a mule, planting trees.
[UPDATE: I had an email from Matthew Watkins in February 2006,
pointing out that he is now at the mathematics department of
Exeter University, where he has a website. He tells me he is
happy to discuss 'Time Wave Zero' with anyone who wants to get
in touch.]

Monde responds to a nothanger(livejournal) post (where I found the which in turn prompted the revisit to WIT for a quick 186K readables harvest) and I cruisee perusee past and by, getting a chuckle out of this:

strenuous alphabet